hi, I'm Japie.
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JieWei Wu 吳潔薇

Rm. 42, 7F., B Block, No.75, Sec. 3, Keelung Rd., Da’an Dist.,

Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Bachelor's degree at the department of electrical engineering, June 2012.

Director of Information at Student Association of EE Department

Master's degree at the computer science department of Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Currently at NTU, Taiwan Evolutionary Inteligence Lab


C/C++, Java, Python

Javascript, CSS, Ruby

Additional Skills

Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere

Experienced in Plane Design/ Website Mockup Design

Experienced with back-end development with Ruby on Rails.

Experienced with Android Apps.



Summer Intern of Mxic Prospects Systems Laboratory, 2010 July to Augest

數位影片創作社幹部 兼 photoshop 講師

Executive-in-chief of Digital Media Creative Club (DMCC)

and Lecturer of DMCC Photoshop Class

2012 電機系畢冊編輯

Editor of Nation Taiwan University Electrical Engineering Yearbook

VUSE 設計師

Designer of VUSE


Joined with NTU Restaurant Proposal

2012 電機系攝輯組

Nation Taiwan University Electrical Engineering Camp File and Editor Group


Nation Taiwan University Health Center Film Creator


Video Post Production of NTUPDC(台大熱舞社) Final Presentation Film


Video Post Production of National Taiwan University Orientation Camp 100

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Artificial Intelligence Final Project

Faceloook is a browser extension that learns user preference on her/his own Facebook feed. Faceloook uses click events on each posts to distinguish the interesting posts from the others, collecting labels without user’s cognitive effort. Naive Bayes classifier is used to create the user preference model out of contextual features of the posts and the click event labels.

I was responsible of UI design and manage to train the data, part of machine learning progress.

King of Plants
Nletworking and Multimedia Lab Final project

This is a PDA connection game. Two users can play together and fight each other with the plant character and weapon inside.

In this project, I was responsible for the whole picture needed and interface design, also take part of some programming work.(Three people/per group)

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Network and Platform Serverice Programming Final Project

A new project manager to manage user's projects. Here we divide a big project into the following parts: project, task, subtask. ProjecType has following features: Dependency, Co-workSupport, ans Two Modes (Taskmode and Usermode). To fully using this service, we strongly suggest you to login at first.

In this project, I’m responsible for the whole user interface design and take part of front-end programming.

This term project also get the best score in the final demo presentation.

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Making Views Visible

VUSE is a platform that “making views into pictures ”.

Everyone could throw their “idea egg” to this platform. And one of designers of VUSE would “pending” the “idea egg” into a “picture”.

It has been two years since this platform created. From wretch to facebook Page, and now it is going to create its own website.

I am cooperating with the founder of VUSE and two other friends to build this platform up.
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NTUEE Yearbook
Nation Taiwan University Elecctrical Engineering 112 Yearbook,2012

I was one of two editors of EE. And this work win No.2 in the yearbook contest.

Designer of VUSE
I’m one of VUSE designers.
This is my first work of it.

View of Consigner, St :

「 我也想要有一雙大大的眼睛,凝視這世界



我仍然知道You are be there. 」( 懷念過去、支持 )

Elaborate of Designer, Japie:

「 像貓咪眷戀著毛線球一樣眷戀著,



有你在的方向就是北方。 」

NTUEE cloth produced every year after voting by while students of EE. I got the highest vote of 2012 year.
NTUEECamp Cloth
Nation Taiwan University Electrical Engineering students hold a camp for senior school students. Every summer camp has its own subject and cloth. The subject of 2011 year is “rEEturn”. I design the camp cloth (after voting) of that year.
NMlab Cloth

Design cloth for the nmlab, one of ten experiment in EE classes.

Final work of visual design class.


Self-created video player interface with photoshop.
NTUEE Council poster design.
Nation Taiwan University Orientation Camp 100, 2011

This film is one of video recording of National Taiwan University Orientation Camp 100.

And the whole film collection is created by members of NTUDMCC. I was one of video post production of this film.


Yesterday Once More》: Closing Video of NTUPDC 23th Finally Presentation.

《Yesterday Once More》: Closing Video of NTUPDC 23th Finally Presentation.

Members of NTUPDC cooperated with NTUDMCC. I was one of video post production of this film.

台大熱舞社23屆成果展《Yesterday Once More》閉幕影片 ,為台大熱舞社與台大數位影片創作社共同作品。

Nation Taiwan University Electrical Engineering Camp, Film and Editor Group

Members of Film and Editor Group of NTUEE Camp are responsible of the NEWS and news paper during the five-day camp.

I was the editor-in-chief and responsible of one 15-min advertisement.



Digital Media Creative Club (DMCC) is a club in national taiwan university that make people together to create films.

I was executive-in-chief of DMCC and lecturer of Photoshop Class.